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"Dad School". Responsible parenthood.

Classes at the men's club "Dad School", where male desire to be united not only a good husband, and a good father. To classes may be invited to a pediatrician, obstetrician, lawyers and other specialists, depending on the wishes of the band. Classes are taught by trained male moderators.

The issues discussed in class: preparing for the birth of the father of the child, the possibility of the presence of the father at birth, breast-feeding, signs of postpartum depression in the mother, sexuality, physical and psychomotor development of the child, the myths about how to "spoil" the child, the child injury prevention, child with special needs, sharing of family responsibilities, Russian and family law, methods of constructive resolution of family conflicts.

Participate in the program: -family pending birth of their first child - a man - the future Pope - male fathers - the specialists engaged in work with men on equal responsibility for the mother and father raising a child.

Goal: Strengthening social activities of men, aimed at preserving the family, and promoting responsible fatherhood

Objectives of the program:

  • family education of young parents in the role of father and mother's influence on the process of raising a child
  • overcome gender stereotypes.
  • reduction of risk factors that lead to the disintegration of families;
  • enabling the formation of a psychological culture of fathers in the family and the culture of a healthy lifestyle.
  • prevention of antisocial behavior in the family of young fathers;
  • strengthening of the interaction between the family, the district social services, health authorities, non-governmental organizations with the purpose to enhance the prestige of the family.

A support group of women,

found themselves in a difficult situation:

Situation of loneliness, divorce, breakup, betrayal, loss of loved ones, family crisis, conflicts at home and at work, etc.

The group includes: - a deeper knowledge of self and knowledge of others - understanding the motives and patterns of behavior, - research and better understanding of women with man - man in my life, working with a grudge against the men. - Identify internal subconscious image of a man whom we attract into our lives - inner anxiety, learning to see the happy positive things in your life. - Determination of an important omission, imperfect in life, what would really like to do. - And much more, depending on your requirements.

In support groups, the following forms: - group therapy - feedback - discussion - art therapy exercises - exercises designed to work with the body, - relaxation mini-meditation.

The group starts with a January 17, 2012 from 18.30 to 21.30 on Tuesdays at ul. The Socialist, 16, lit. And, of. 14H. Lead a group - counseling psychologist, a member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Family. International Academy of Family "Bragin LG, Gestalt therapist, psychologist Gaydabura SV

If you feel that you need to change something in my life, but you can not decide to make the first move, then come to a group that will help you become more confident, more determined and stronger.

Antistress. Training regulation of emotional state.

STRESS - a social phenomenon.
And all of it can not protect itself.

The essence of stress management is not to completely obliterate the stress out of your life. Good stress, bringing the thrill is needed. We must be able to control negative stress.

When composed tense, your body reacts to it in a natural way, releasing adrenaline into the blood - a substance that causes the heart to contract more frequently, preparing us to fight or flee save lives. When our ancestors lived in caves, it was a perfect mechanism, because they had to deal with the wolves and bears, but now such a reaction less corresponds to the conditions of our lives.

At first it may seem that you own a well, despite the nervous atmosphere at work and minor problems. However, a high voltage is gradually reducing your energy reserves, and you lose the ability to quickly restore peace of mind. After a while you begin to realize that your health has deteriorated, and this can lead to physical exhaustion.

Any person at least once in their lives need to change their psychological state in the shortest possible time. People tend to do this with the help of various uncomplicated means contributing to improvement.
Someone, for example, reminiscing about positive events in the life of someone trying to breathe deeply and slowly. Everyone is looking for "their" way, and someone finds it yourself.
Typically, one method is not enough, it is better to have several. After all, the situation may be different, and therefore the different ways of self-help.

And what coping strategies do you use to get rid of nervous pregruzki?

To deal with stress is important to know one thing: there are extra efficient way to reduce stress.

At the training, you will learn:

  • reduce muscle tension
  • regulation of emotional state
  • of fast fatigue
  • way of concentrating on the task
  • skills with resource images
  • changing context of events
  • learn positive outlook on life

In the program: Parables, tests, elements of art therapy, body-movement therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation exercises, NLP techniques, methods and techniques of the program MOE.

Moderator: Balakhonova Ilona, ​​psychologist, coach.

Remember that your goal is not to completely eliminate the stress in your life and achieve a better balance in the relationship of man-environment.


A man can be happy using their strengths, which determine its specific features to find ways to cope with stress and anxiety? Is it possible to adapt to the changing social environment? Where to get the force to achieve goals in life?

Stressful period in my life is the need to enhance the living resources in the search for and recovery of external contact with their internal resources. In man, as in all of nature, the system initially incorporated self, coming out of the instinct of self-preservation, therefore, our unconscious mind is always ready to help, you just need to access it. In order to plan the changes you need to make an inventory: where am I now? What do I need in the way? What resources do I have? how to lead themselves and others in the resource state?

Resource - your potential, hidden behind a cargo solutions to everyday problems, revealing that potential, you discover their hidden abilities and means of overcoming stress.

The strength of the resource can be activated by a word, symbol, image, logo, sign. The resource has a particular meaning for the person, not known to others. The main question is: Does it work? If so - that's fine. You will realize that life is working when you see how man is changing, gain access to his power.

At the training, you will learn:

  • determine what resources you have.
  • find access to the power of your life
  • develop and enforce their own cash resources
  • lead themselves and others in the resource state
  • increase self-confidence
  • overestimate their positive experiences.

Training is being conducted: Balakhonova Ilona - psychologist, coach.

The main thing - to know that you already have the resources you need, and you can always use them.

"I and my goal." Mini-training setting life goals.

At some point in life you realize that something is wrong, not so live, not what you do. Everything seems to be stable, established, but a bore-worm does not rest - we want something different. But what exactly?

A conflict between thinking and feeling: like I know and I am sure that I have everything in order, and do not give a sense of peace - there is tension, anger, frustration. It is difficult not to feel the experience of comprehensive purposelessness, meaninglessness.

But man intuitively knows his predestination. How to identify this elusive? How to distinguish it from the chaos of thoughts? Can dream?

Yes, under the weight of the daily monotonous routine and forgot how to dream and set goals, because everything is already achieved. And all?

A vague desire to find his talent the most constructive and creative application - perhaps this is the most important value in life.

Special exercises knock habitual way of thinking, break their stereotype. They provide an opportunity to work with a systematic uncertainty by various methods aimed at intuitive and rational part of the individual.

Upon completion of training, participants will be able to:-find their personal, real achievable goal

  • identify barriers to goal setting.
  • understand and accept their true desires.
  • unconsciously adjusted to achieve the objective

The training uses elements of psychodrama, the methods of rational and intuitive thinking, NLP.

Training is being conducted: Balakhonova Ilona - psychologist, coach. Not knowing what you want to achieve, not having a clear idea of ​​where you're going, you can stay on track, get lost, or get lost.

So how do you define the purpose of your life?

This question will solve only one who sets himself.