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Contact us if:

  • You need help in solving family problems and conflicts;
  • You have a case of physical abuse and rape;
  • You lost the loved ones;
  • You feel lonely or lost the meaning of life;
  • You have other situations.

You can contact:

  • You can help in solving family problems and conflicts;
  • In all cases of physical abuse and rape;
  • Will support the loss of loved ones;
  • If you feel lonely or lost the meaning of life;
  • In other situations.

We can provide you with:

Psychological help over the phone. Together with the consultant you will be able to develop a strategy of action to improve your situation. Be assured that you will listen, support and in no blame.
You can sign up for full-time and come to a psychologist, legal assistance. A qualified lawyer will help you to make a statement to the court and law enforcement agencies. Explain your rights.
The main reason to call the hotline for psychological help are the problem areas of family relationships: family conflict, adultery, family crisis, the threat of divorce, the difficulties of parenting and child development, relationships with grown up children, relationships with aging parents, lack of communication, domestic violence, bereavement, cancer, disability, employment problems, dependence: alcohol, drug, video game, computer, social tensions, financial difficulties, poor living conditions, etc.
According to our observations by family members in crisis, in need of psychological help. More than half of our Russian families experiencing social difficulties and family crises, including trauma. Psychological trauma is not different from the physical, the emotional punch is just as real and painful. However, many of us have learned to hide their wounds, not only from others but from himself. How deeply we have hidden our experience, over time, it still breaks out. This breakthrough can be a strange fury, depression and even physical illness.
It is important to respond to psychological pain and trauma which would force the experience it is.
Psychological care provided to people helps to cope with the emerging in their lives difficult situations, helps to reveal and to mobilize their internal resources and activates them.
Helpline is a source of dissemination of information about opportunities for different types of care (social, psychological, medical, legal, methodological), not only to families with children in crisis situations, but also among professionals working with children and parents.
Obviously, to maintain and strengthen the family, to create an atmosphere conducive to the development of children in my opinion not a regular multilateral support to families at risk (with many children, single parent families, foster families, families with children - disabled). Admission to our service many parents from families that are not designated to rank socially vulnerable, the services of psychological and social factors to the need for further development of the system of public preventive measures to strengthen and preserve families, where plays a significant role and psychological support of family members.